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Hair Transplantation Applications

You can have permanent and natural hair with our hair transplantation applications.

Hair loss is an important problem that starts at an early age today. The problem of hair loss, which is commonly seen in men from the twenties, can also be seen in women in some cases. Hair loss, which starts as thinning of the hair and regression of the anterior hairline, may develop due to genetic reasons in men and hormonal reasons and some diseases in women.

People with hair loss complaints should first go through a health screening and find out if there is a health problem that causes hair loss. If health problems such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies and hormonal problems that may cause hair loss are detected, treatment should be applied first.

If the shedding continues after the necessary treatments are applied, or if the hair has opened at a level that cannot be healed, hair transplantation can be performed.

Today, ethically, hair transplantation over the age of 22 is considered appropriate if needed. For this reason, all individuals over the age of 22 who have hair loss problems can easily be transplanted.

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