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We Provide Training on Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

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We Started in 2000

We first started medical aesthetic applications in 2000 by using Dermatological Lasers (Alexandrite, Copper Bromid).

We Launched the First Applications in Turkey

In the field of Medical Aesthetics Application, we were among the firsts in Turkey to perform Filling, Botox, Mesotherapy and Hair Transplantation.

We Transfer Our Experiences With Trainings

We provide medical aesthetic applications training for physicians.
We provide Consultancy and Training of CUTEGEL, REVOLAX, VOLİFİL branded hyaluronic acid fillers.

Dr. Ökkeş Şimşek Biography

1996 Çukuruva University Faculty of Medicine Graduate
Medical Aesthetics applications first started in 2000 by using Dermatological Lasers (Alexandtrite, Copper Bromid laser).
He received his Medical Aesthetics Application Certificate in 2004 and was among the physicians who performed the first Filling, the first Botox, the first Mesotherapy, and the first Hair transplant in Turkey.
In 2004, he established DERMA-ES Beauty Center with 2 Dermatology Specialists.
After working at the Etiler AquaMedi Clinic in Istanbul, she established the Medical Aesthetics unit of ASLI TARCAN AESTHETIC CENTER and assumed the Chief Physician position. He was the Responsible Manager of Nişantaşı DR.ARLAN AESTHETIC POLYCLINIC and carried out aesthetic applications.
Finally, he opens his own clinic in Çorlu and carries out Medical Aesthetic Applications.
In addition, under the roof of BOLAT ACADEMY, Medical Aesthetics practices training is given for Physicians.
He is the Consultant and Instructor Physician of CUTEGEL, REVOLAX, VOLİFİL branded hyaluronic acid fillers.
He is the Consultant and Instructor Physician of ScinClinic Mesotherapy products.
Anatomy Prof. Dr. He is preparing an Atlas on Compartment and Ligament Anatomy for Cadaver Training and Filling with Ahmet KALAYCI.
He has participated in various Aesthetics Congresses, Trainers, Speakers and Scientific Committees and still participates.
He has studies on Thread Lifting with Surgical Sutures, Permanent Botox SERDEV and CAPURRO Techniques.

Areas of interest

Hair loss
Knee pain
Shoulder pain
Dermal Filler-Filling
Chin Tip Extension
Thread Face Lift
PRP Facial Rejuvenation
Hair Mesotherapy
Ozone Therapy
Lip Thickening
Lip Thinning
Lip Aesthetics
Chin Aesthetics
Jaw Tip Correction and Filing
Chin Thinning
Face Slimming
Cheekbone Aesthetics
Mouth and Maxillofacial Aesthetics
Chin Augmentation
Chin Reduction
Medical Aesthetics Applications
Capillary Treatment

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