Ботулинова естетика ботокс

Aesthetic with Botulinum Aesthetics (BOTOX)

Botulinum Aesthetics Botox toxin treatment

Botulinum Aesthetics With Botox, wrinkles and later lines that occur as age progresses are removed without surgery. This toxin is injected into the needed areas gently and painlessly. Thus, the lines disappear after a certain time. In addition, we eliminate the drooping of eyebrows in advanced ages with the non-surgical eyebrow lifting method. It takes 7-14 days for recovery after each treatment.

For a more detailed explanation, you can watch the program prepared here.

Scope of application:

Forehead and eyebrow lines – We can correct forehead wrinkles and frown lines with non-surgical treatments for a youthful appearance. Every wrinkle removal is a simple process, you can even have it done during your lunch hour.

Crow’s feet (lines around the eyes) – We remove lines around the eyes, such as crow’s feet or laughter lines, without surgery. We treat this area painlessly using advanced techniques for this procedure.

Brow lift – We perform operations such as making eyes open and raising eyebrows without surgery with Botulinum toxin. For detailed information and questions, see here.

Puppet lines – Lines descending from the corners of the mouth to the chin are called puppet lines. These lines can be treated with dermal filler.

Necklines – We can treat the longitudinal platysma lines on the neck.

Facial slimming – The square jaw shape is due to enlarged masseter muscles, which can occur due to nocturnal teeth grinding. In women, this causes a more masculine face shape. Botulinum toxin is used for a non-surgical face thinning method.

TME dysfunction/bruxism (masseter) – Jawbone disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding) are caused by stress. These conditions cause jaw pain. With botulinum toxin, we can reduce the pain associated with these problems.

Non-surgical face lift – We treat drooping jowl and chin cupping, as well as lines on the lips caused by smoking.

Excessive sweating – We treat excessive sweating in any part of the body with botulinum toxin. Armpits, hands, feet and waist are the most frequently treated areas.

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