G Spot Augmentation


The purpose of G-spot augmentation is to facilitate orgasm during sexual intercourse and to increase pleasure.


What is G-spot?

The G-point refers to the region, not a point, as it contains in the Turkish meaning. It is the region where the secretory glands (Skene Glands) are located around the urinary canal. It is found scattered on the anterior wall of the vagina. It produces secretions by contracting during sexual intercourse.

The G spot is located within 3 cm of the vagina.

With the G-spot augmentation process, getting more pleasure increases. After the G spot is determined, the area is filled and the area has a wider structure in this way. This procedure is not surgery, it is safe. It takes place in as little as 1 minute. It is possible to have intercourse on the same day after the procedure.


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