P-Shot Erection Treatment

Non-surgical and permanent solution to erection problem. It is an effective treatment method that we apply to solve sexual performance problems in conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, trauma and atherosclerosis. In P-Shot treatment, the PRP method is applied to the person’s own blood. This blood separated into plasmas is injected back into the genitals of the same person. This erectile treatment method is more effective than other treatment methods.

P-Shot Therapy improves blood flow to the penis. If there is a damaged tissue, it is repaired. It helps the growth of new erectile tissues.

P-Shot treatment is not a surgery. With the P-Shot process, sexual performance enhancement and better performance reinforcement can be made to the genitals.

After P-Shot treatment:

Erectile problems disappear.

Increased pleasure from sexual intercourse.

The function of the sexual organ increases and orgasm improves.


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